Call for EIC

Biophysical Journal Editor-in-Chief

Call for Nominations

The Publications Committee of the Biophysical Society is calling for nominations for the position of Editor-in-Chief of the Society’s flagship publication, Biophysical Journal (BJ). BJ is the leading international journal for original research articles, letters, and mini-reviews in molecular, cellular, and systems biophysics.

This appointment will begin July 1, 2012, and last for one five-year term. The Editor-in-Chief should have a broad understanding of biophysics. The Publications Committee is especially interested in attracting a diverse list of candidates that mirrors the Society membership in terms of background, and scientific interests. The successful candidate will need to be responsive, able to make timely decisions, and be firm when necessary.

Confidential nominations should be made to the Publications Committee through the Society Office (  or by email at A CV of the candidate is helpful but not required for the nomination. The deadline for nominations is April 1, 2011.

The duties of the Editor-in-Chief are to:

  1. Lead and mentor the Editorial Board of BJ, and in so doing, to carry out the fiscal and editorial policies established by the Society.  This includes assigning and reviewing papers as needed, encouraging submissions, and providing input regarding new editorial features and material.
  2. Work with the Society Office staff on the day-to-day editorial management of BJ.
  3. Work with our publisher, Cell Press, on production matters of the BJ.
  4. Meet with and report at least annually to the Biophysical Society Council, Executive Board, and Publications Committee.
  5. Recruit and submit Editorial Board Member and Associate Editor nominations to the Publications Committee (Editorial Board terms are staggered, three-year terms, renewable once).
  6. Work closely with the Publications Committee on strategic decisions affecting the BJ.