The Society provides several resources for students and teachers of biophysics. High school students, undergraduates, and graduate students should find the list of biophysics programs useful, as well as the information on summer internships and fellowship opportunities, including the BPS Summer Course in Biophysics. Teachers can use the videos of the Biophysical Society Lectures, which are the keynote talks at the Biophysical Society Annual Meeting, the biophysical techniques material, and the speakers bureau as helpful resources as they plan their syllabi. Everyone involved in science education can use the information on National Lab Day and high school science fairs as a way to contribute to K-12 science education.

Biophysics 101 Tutorial

Super-Resolution Microscopy

The Biophysical Society’s Education Committee is pleased to bring you the first online production of it Biophysics 101 series Biophysics 101: Super-Resolution Microscopy. The session, which took place at the 2015 Annual Meeting, was recorded so that researchers unable to attend the session in person could benefit from the knowledge shared. Biophysics 101 is a continuing series of symposia initiated by the Education Committee to educate the meeting attendees about fundamentals of various biophysical techniques with which they may not be familiar but might want to use.

This video includes two lectures: one given by Keith Lidke, University of New Mexico, and a second by Weidong Yang, Temple University. The lectures outline the practice of super-resolution/single-molecule microscopy for not-yet-experts, and describe some of its uses and rewards.