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FY 2018 Federal Budget

President Donald Trump submitted his budget request to Congress for Fiscal Year 2018 (FY 2018) on May 22, 2017.  The budget cuts $54 billion from nondefense discretionary funding in order to spend more on defense and stay within the sequestration caps set by Congress as part of the Budget Control Act of 2011. Federal funding for science research is among those programs slated to receive significantly less funding next year if the President's budget were to be enacted.  

Initial reaction on Capitol HIll shows many Democrats and Republicans who are uncomfortable with how deep these suggested reductions in funding are.  While the President has the right to propose a budget and ultimately can sign or not sign what Congress approves into law, Congress holds the purse strings.  Beginning in June, Congressional committees began drafting and voting on their own budget proposals.   The House appropriations subcommittee responsible for the NIH budget has rejected President Trump's proposed cuts and has instead included a $1 billion increase for the agency. The committee that considers the NSF budget hasn't proposed an increase for NSF, but has suggested a smaller cut to the agency.  

We are calling on our U.S. members to speak up and let their elected leaders know what these cuts would mean to them, to their labs, and the Congressional districts in which they live and work.

Here are some public statements about the budget that the Society has issued or endorsed:

FY 2016- FY 2018 Appropriations for Science Agencies (in millions)


FY 2016 Enacted
FY 2017 Enacted
President's FY 2018 Request
 Percent Change between FY 2017 and FY 2018 Request
Office of Science
Science Office

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The AAAS Budget and Policy Program is one of the premier sites for information on research and development funding in the federal budget.  Be sure to check here for in depth analysis of the President's proposal as well as historical budget information.