Federal Budget

FY 2017 Federal Budget

The U.S. Federal Government is currently operating on a continuing resolution that provides funding through April 28, 2018 at FY 2016 levels.  Some additional funding has been made available for the NIH to fund the Cancer Moonshot, the Precision Medicine Initiative, and the Brain Initiative. 

FY 2015- FY 2017 Appropriations for Science Agencies (in millions)


FY 2015 Enacted
FY 2016 Enacted
President's FY 2017 Request
 Percent Change between FY 2016 and FY 2017 Request
$33, 136
Office of Science
Science Office
Science & Tech Labs


 Department of Defense Basic Research$2,278$2,309$2,115-9%
 Veteran's Affairs Medical and Prosthetic Research $588.9$631$6635.2%

Note:  Historically, nearly all federal research and development (R&D) has been supported through discretionary funding divided up by Congress through the annual appropriations process. The hite House has designated some spending in his FY 2017 request as mandatory. The mandatory spending proposal represents a new strategy the Administration is using in its request to fund it’s priorities while remaining within statutory caps on discretionary spending. Congressional buy-in for new mandatory spending is unlikely. All amounts listed in the chart include any funds that were considered mandatory in the request.