Past Membrane Biophysics Symposium Topics

2016Unusual Mechanisms in Membrane Transport
2015 Modern Perspective of Allostery in Ion Channels 
2014 Necessary (Accessory) Subunits of Ion Channels: What They Do and How They Do It 
2013 Macromolecular Complexes of Ion Channels and Transporters
2011 Single Molecule Approaches to Ion Channel Structure
2010 Ion Channel Chemical Biology
Ion Channels with Borderline Personalities
2008 Channel Gating Modifiers and Modulators
2007 Reducing Reductionist Thinking: Biophysical Approaches to the Study of Membrane Protein Assemblies
2006 Horizons for the Queen of Ion Transport: CaV Calcium Channels
2005 Intracellular Ion Channels: Trafficking, Regulation, and Function
2004 Ion Channel Gating
2003 Protein Partners in the Regulation of Intracellular Calcium: No Singles Allowed
2002 Molecular Motions Underlying Ion Channel Gating
2001 Calcium Signaling
2000 Physical Basis of Ion Selectivity: From Bias to Recognition
1999 Ion Channels and the Cytoskeleton
1998 Structure and Function of CLC Chloride Channels
1997 Ion Channels: Structure and Function
1996 Mechanisms of Cellular Signaling
1995 Probing the Pore of Ion Channels
1994 Chloride Channels: Diversity in Form and Function
1993 Molecular and Biophysical Properties of Calcium-activated Potassium Channels
1992 Transducer Molecules of Cell Membranes
1991 n/a
1990 Kinetic Studies of Membrane Functions
1989 Ion Transport across Biomembranes
1988 Lipid Transfer between Membranes and Vesicles
1987 Cellular Polarity: Intracellular Sorting and Membrane Insertion
1986 Chemical Modification and Probes of Major Ion Transport Pathways
1985 Properties of Single Ion Channels as Revealed by Patch Clamp Studies
1984 Mechanisms Underlying Membrane Fusion
1983 Molecular Mechanisms of Hormonal Reculations of Ion Transport
1982 Plasma Membrane Pumps
1981 Eyring Models in Membrane Science
1980 Assembly of Proteins into Biological Membranes
1979 Organization, Dynamics, and Metabolism of Cell Surface Lipids
1978 Interactions between Membrane Components
1977 Local Anesthetic Effects on Ionic and Molecular Motions in Membranes
1976 Joint Photobiology - Membrane Group Symposium
1975 Recent Studies on Membrane Structure
1974 Physical and Chemical Probes of Membrane Structure and Function
1973 Membranes: Recent Advances 
1972 Molecular Mechanisms for Ion Selectivity in Membrane Transport Processes