Jonathan Rocheleau, Chair (2018)
Raphael C. Lee, Secretary/Treasurer (2019)
Christopher Yip, Past-Chair (2017)

This subgroup was approved at the 2015 Council meeting. More than 100 regular Society members signed the petition in support of the subgroup, which was spearheaded by Chris Yip and Jonathan Rocheleau of the University of Toronto. 

The Bioengineering Subgroup provides a forum for discussion and dialogue about the application of engineering principles, approaches, tools, and techniques to biological problems. It provides a unique venue for trainees and researchers working at the interface between the engineering and biological sciences, including those interested in the application of engineering strategies to resolve biological and human health related challenges

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In order to join the Bioengineering Subgroup, you must be a member of the Society.

2018 Bioengineering Subgroup Symposium 

2017 Annual Meeting Program 

2016 Annual Meeting Program

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