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2016 Thematic Meetings

Volume 110, Issue 8: April 26, 2016

New and Notable

Watching Signaling in Action: Single Molecule Studies of a Reaction Circuit Involved in Chemotaxis
Suzanne Scarlata

Biophysical Perspectives

Optics-Integrated Microfluidic Platforms for Biomolecular Analyses
Kathleen E. Bates, Hang Lu

DNA Nanostructures on Membranes as Tools for Synthetic Biology
Aleksander Czogalla, Henri G. Franquelim, Petra Schwille


Yi Zhang et al. discuss their cover image in "Disulfide Bridge: More Than Just a Simple Bond"


Authors can now submit manuscripts directly to Biophysical Journal from bioRxiv.
Corresponding authors may now include their Twitter handle in their manuscripts.
See the Online Now section for new rapid-release Letters and Special Issue articles. 

Molecular Dynamics on Curved Surfaces

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