Founders Award

2013 Founders Awardee:
Peter von Hippel
University of Oregon


Past Awardees:
 Sunney Xie
Attila Szabo
S. Walter Englander
2009: Keiichi Namba
2008: Peter G. Wolynes
2007: Clara Franzini-Armstrong
2006: William A. Eaton
2005: Thomas G. Spiro
2004: Carlos Bustamante
2003: Irwin Kuntz
2002: Barry Honig
2001: M. Thomas Record
2000: Carolyn Cohen
1999: Robert L. Baldwin
1998: Michael G. Rossmann
1997: William H. Woodruff
1996: Ignacio Tinoco, Jr.
1995: David A. Yphantis
1994: Gary K. Ackers
1993: David J. DeRosier and Joachim Frank
1992: Robert M. Glaeser
1991: Wayne L. Hubbell
1990: Joel Brown
1989: Ramon Latorre
1988: Seymour H. Koenig
1987: Lawrence B. Cohen
1986: George Eisenman

Established in 1986 as the Elisabeth Roberts Cole Award, and renamed in 2000.

Deadline for nominations: May 1 of each year.
The Founders Award, established by the Society, is given to scientists for outstanding achievement in any area of biophysics. These achievements are often reflected in the acceptance of and use by others in the field, either promptly or over a period of years. This award of $1,000 is granted annually.


  • Nominee must have made an outstanding achievement in an area of biophysics.
  • Nominee must be a member of the Society in good standing.
  • Nominator must submit completed Nomination Form and required documents.

Nominations packets must include the following:

  1. Completed Award Nomination Form
  2. Letter describing qualifications of the nominee
  3. Two supporting letters
  4. Nominee’s curriculum vitae, including all relevant publications

Fill out nomination form and submit required materials in PDF format here.