Biophysics -- The Everyday Video Contest

Biophysics -- The Everyday Video Contest


Biophysics -- The Everyday Video Contest

2013 Winner: 

Congratulations to Andy Wowor, Colorado College, winner of this year's video contest! Wower received a $500 cash prize, and his video "Protein Folding Dance," will be featured at the 58th Annual Meeting. You can view the winning video on the  Biophysical Society's YouTube channel.

Background Information

How does biophysics affect our everyday lives? Whether it is the discovery of a new drug, throwing a baseball, or finding solutions for cleaner water, give the general public, including high school students, a simple and visual explanation of how biophysics plays its part! 

The Society's Membership Committee challenges you to make an original video, up to five minutes long, describing how biophysics affects everyday life. Videos should be educational, creative, and above all, promote biophysics! 

Past Winners

2013 Winner
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Contact the Biophysical Society Office with any questions at society@biophysics.org or 240-290-5600.


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