Meeting Location and Transportation

Meeting Location

Palacio de la Autonomia, National Autonomous University of Mexico 
Lic. Verdad 2, Centro Histórico, Centro, 06060 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico +Google Map
Telephone: +52 55 5491 1112 

Mexico FFM and Custom Declaration forms

There are two forms that travelers need to complete to enter and depart Mexico – the Forma Moratoria Multiple (FMM) and the Customs declaration form. A copy of both forms are shown below:

Forma Moratoria Multiple (FMM):
Your completed form will be taken as you enter the country. After your FMM has been reviewed by the immigration official, it will be torn along the perforated line in the middle. The TOP of the form will be kept by the immigration official. The bottom will be return to you. KEEP THE BOTTOM TO PRESENT WHEN YOU DEPART MEXICO.

Custom Form
The completed Customs Form will be collected also as you enter Mexico. Most tourists entering should not have anything to really mention on the form, but it still needs to be completed.

Where do you get these forms?
There are several different places you can get an FMM and customs form. These include:
• Immigration Check Points 20 to 30 kilometers inside Mexico can be used to get these documents for those driving.
• Airlines will give to passengers entering Mexico from an international flight.
• Cruise lines will issue them to passengers at ports of entry into Mexico.
• Private boat / yacht passengers have to pick up their FMM and custom documents at port of entry immigration check points.
Again, a passport must also be presented for all people entering Mexico using the FMM.


Aeropuerto Internacional Benito Juárez is Mexico City’s only passenger airport, and Latin America’s largest, with an annual capacity of about 32 million passengers. The airport has two terminals, terminal 1 (the main terminal) and terminal 2 (located 3km from the main terminal). Carriers operating out of terminal 2 include Aeromar, Aeroméxico, Copa Airlines, Delta and Lan. All other airlines depart from terminal 1.


The metro system offers the quickest way to get around Mexico City.  The metro system has 195 stations and more than 226km of track on 12 lines and is one of the world’s cheapest subways at M$5 a ride. All lines operate from 5am to midnight weekdays, 6am to midnight Saturday and 7am to midnight Sunday and holidays. Platforms and cars can become alarmingly packed during rush hours (roughly 7:30am to 10am and 3pm to 8pm). The metro is easy to use. Lines are color-coded and each station is identified by a unique logo. Buy a rechargeable smart card for M$10 at any station and then add credit (the card also works for all metrobús lines) For more information on Mexico City Metro, click here


Mexico City has several classes of taxi. Cheapest are the cruising pink-and-white (or, being phased out, red-and-gold) street cabs, though they’re not recommended due to the risk of assaults. If you must hail a cab off the street, check that it has actual taxi license plates: numbers are preceded with the letters A or B. Check that the number on them matches the number painted on the bodywork. Also look for the carta de identificación (called the tarjetón), a postcard-sized ID that should be displayed visibly inside the cab, and ensure that the driver matches the photo. If the cab you’ve hailed does not pass these tests, get another one.

In libre cabs (street cabs), fares are computed by taxímetro (meter), which should start at about M$9. The total cost of a 3km ride in moderate traffic should be M$30 to M$40. Between 11pm and 6am, add 20%.

Radio taxis, which come in many different colors, cost about three times as much as the others, but this extra cost adds an immeasurable degree of security. When you phone, the dispatcher will tell you the cab number and the type of car. If you have a smartphone or device, you can order a cab via the popular app Easy Taxi (http://easytaxi.com) or Uber (www.uber.com).

Some reliable radio-taxi firms, available 24 hours, include the following:
Radio Maxi Seguridad
Sitio Parque México
Taxis Radio Unión