Liposomes, Exosomes, and Virosomes: From Modeling Complex Membrane Processes to Medical Diagnostics and Drug Delivery


Ascona, Switzerland, September 11-16, 2016

This meeting will cover recent developments for investigating biochemical reactions and networks at, in, and across membranes of artificial and cell membrane-derived vesicles. Themes the meeting will address include: imaging membrane proteins and their biochemical reactions by light- and electron-optical and force microscopy at small ensemble and single molecule levels; vesicles in cellular trafficking and processes; lipid and protein micro-/nano-domains in membranes; transmembrane signalling in cell-derived vesicles; modeling in-plane and trans-membrane reactions; vesicles as ultrasmall containers for (bio-)chemical reactions; vesicles as artificial cells and for synthetic and systems biology; extracellular vesicles (exosomes) as diagnostic biomarkers; viral envelopes (virosomes) and vesicles for targeted drug delivery; and membrane networks and tissue engineering.

The meeting will bring together experts in membrane biophysics, cell biology, synthetic biology, diagnostics, pharmacology, and pharmaceutical formulation and will appeal to academic scientists and researchers in pharmaceutical industry. Bringing together different approaches to this multidisciplinary topic will allow an intense scientific exchange of ideas and will highlight the field from different views. This will provide a basis for a molecular understanding of central questions about the use of cell-derived and model membranes, deliver the newest technical approaches, and stimulate further developments as well as future collaborations.

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This is a 2016 Biophysical Society Thematic Meeting. For more information on Thematic Meetings, click here