University of Warsaw - Meeting Location

Auditorium Minus, Old Library
Main Campus of University of Warsaw
26/28 Krakowskie Przedmieście
00-927 Warsaw

TEL: (+48) 22 552 00 00

For information about transportation to University of Warsaw click here.
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Airports - Chopin Airport (WAW) & Modlin Airport (EPMO) 

Most aircraft heading to Warsaw land at the Chopin Airport about 10 km from the city center. The airport handles more than a dozen airlines. Click here to see a list of all airlines served by the Warsaw Airport.Chopin Airport is about 11km frmo the University of Warsaw. 

In 2012, the new Modlin Airport opened. It is located about 35km north-west from the city center. Modlin Airport is about 40km from the University of Warsaw.  


In front of the airport terminal is a taxi stop, with selected and reliable taxi companies: Ele Taxi, Sawa Taxi, and Super Taxi. Click here for more information about taxis in Warsaw

Avoid people in the airport arrivals hall who encourage you to use some random form of 'taxi' transportation. They often do not have a license to carry people in their cars, and their fees are several times higher than a registered and legal corporate taxi. 

When using taxis in Warsaw, it is strongly reccomended that you only use taxis with the following: the symbol of Warsaw - a mermaid - on both front doors, yellow/red stripes affixed to the glass along the front doors, a number stuck to the side of the vehicle, a hologram with the license number and the vehicle's registration number on the upper right-hand corner of the front glass, and a sticker with price information per kilometer that must be displayed on the glass of the right-hand side back door. It is reccomended for you to use one of the city's official Radio-Taxi companies, and order a taxi by telephone. 


Warsaw has three large railway stations serving international and domestic long-distance connections: 

- Warszaw Centralna, Aleje Jerozolimskie 54
Located in the heart of the city and has good connections with all distrcts of Warsaw

- Warszaw Zachodnia, Aleje Jerozolimskie 144
Located right next to the international bus station, good connection and changing location for long-distance buses (domestic and international) 

- Warszawa Wschodnia, ulica Lubelska 1
Located on the Praga side of the river


Railway tickets can be purchased at the cash-only windows (kasa) in the stations, on the internet or at selected travel agencies

You can also purchase your ticket on the train from the conductor, whom you must seek out immediately upon boarding the train, to buy the ticket. Tickets sold on the train are subject to an additional fee. 


Public Transportation

Warsaw has tram, bus, metro and urban rapid rail lines. 

Tram lines are numbered 1 to 79. Numbers 1-39 include basic connections. 

Standard bus lines are numbered from 100 to 399. The range 300 -399 includes seasonal lines which are activated at specific times of days of the week. These buses stop at all stops. 

The metro line connects the district of Bielany with Ursynów, via Śródmieście. Metro runs based on appropriate hours from 5 AM to 1AM. On Friday and Saturday nights the metro runs until 3 AM with 15 minute frequency.   

Trains of Szybka Kolej Miejska - SKM (Urban Rapid Rail) are marked with the letter "S" and a number. The route of SKM runs across two zone tickets. Rules for paying fares are the same as in the case of zone bus lines. 

The conurbation area served by ZTM lines is divided into two tariff zones marked as 1 and 2. The first zone (1) encompasses the territory within the borders of Warsaw, and the second one (2) - locations outside the borders of Warsaw.

Passengers may travel through Zone 1 having all types of ZTM tickets. In Zone 2, only tickets dedicated for Zones 1 and 2 are acceptable. The zone broder is marked by border stops. 

For more information about Warsaw public transportation please visit


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