Who Attends the BPS Annual Meeting?

Who Attends the Biophysical Society Annual Meeting?

The BPS Annual Meeting is the leading forum for investigators working at the interdisciplinary interface of life, physical, and computational sciences. Attracting over 6,000 participants from more than 45 countries, the Annual Meeting is a great place to network and share research from all areas of biophysics. 

Quotes From Past Annual Meeting Attendees

“Apart from the talks, the best of the part of the day was spent reconnecting with numerous scientific colleagues. These are people I usually see only at this meeting, especially the people from overseas. I have always found this kind of networking at Biophysics to be extremely helpful.” 
––Prithwish on BPS Blog
"It’s never been a better time to 
major in biophysics” 
––drmuinho on Twitter


“Wow. I spent 3 hours presenting my poster to a constant stream of people!! Thanks for all the great discussions everybody!! ”
––MyLabView on Twitter
“One of the main reasons I love BPS, ... is that it enables me to get ideas from scientists who are primarily biologists, or primarily physicists, or primarily something in between or completely out of this range. It is the most interdisciplinary specialized meeting I’ve attended.” 
––markitalandry on BPS Blog


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