Annual Meeting Program

The program will be printed on recycled paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Conference Bags

Conference bags will be recyclable and reusable.

Badge Holders/Lanyards

Badge holders/lanyards are recyclable. Bins will be available specifically to collect badge holders at the conclusion of the meeting.

The Baltimore Convention Center

The Baltimore Convention Center is committed to supporting "green initiatives" at the center that are creating an impact throughout the community. The Convention Center is one of a growing number of large convention facilities across the United States to go green. The facility has initiated a substantial recycling program and implemented energy-saving initiatives, such as those listed below.


  • Recycle paper, plastic, bottles and cans
  • Exterior glass and skylights use natural light to reduce energy costs
  • Photo sensors in public lobbies reduce the demand for artificial light
  • Lighting and motion sensors in meeting rooms reduce usage of lights, heat and air conditioning, conserving energy
  • Cleaning solutions are bio-based and purchased in bulk
  • Meeting room tables are made from 30 percent recycled products


The Center's food & beverage services are offered by Centerplate.


  • Correspondence to customers sent via e-mail
  • Office supplies are recyclable, when possible
  • Training staff on current and new green initiatives

For more information on The Baltimore Convention Center's “green” initiatives visit: 

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