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Each year, satellite meetings are held in conjunction with the Society's Annual Meeting on the Friday before the meeting begins. Satellite meetings are organized by individuals, scientific companies, and scientific groups and must conform to established criteria if they are to be associated with the Society’s Annual Meeting. Biophysical Society approval is required for a meeting to be granted satellite status. Meetings selected as satellites will be expected to enhance the Annual Meeting and serve the interests of its attendees.

Drug Discovery for Ion Channels X 

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Preregistration is now closed for the Drug Discovery for Ion Channels X Satellite Meeting. Registration will be available on site beginning at 7:30 AM.

Drug Discovery for Ion Channels IX Agenda

Friday, February 19, 2009, 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM

8:00AM Registration/Introduction

Session I
Chair: David Yamane, MDS Analytical Technologies

Ion Channels as Targets of Safety; Developing Robust, High Throughput, Cell-based Counter-screening Assays. Keynote Speaker: Greg Kaczorowski, Kanalis Consulting, L.L.C.

Improving the Quality of Ion Channel Screening. Michael Dabrowski, AstraZeneca

Johns Hopkins Ion Channel Center - HTS Campaigns of Ion Channel Targets in Academia. Min Li, Johns Hopkins.

10:00AM Break

Session II
Chair: Chris Mathes, Sophion Biosciences

Electroporation-based Transient Transfection of Ion Channels: A Fast Track to Automated Electrophysiology and Fluorescence-based Screening Assays. Andrew Southan, BioFocus

Automated Multi-hole Planar Patch Clamp - Is More Always Better? Martin Gosling, Novartis

Analgesic Omega-conotoxins Selectively and Voltage-dependently Block Recombinant and Native N-type Calcium Channels. David Adams, RMIT University

12:00PM Lunch

Session III
Chair: Niels Fertig, Nanion Technologies, GMBH

Light-gated Ion Channels and the Design of All-optical Ion Channel Assays. Keynote Speakder: Eudi Isackoff, University of Ca-Berkeley

Ion channel Drug Discovery Case Studies. Clemens Moeller, Evotec

2:15 PM
Cardiac Safety Evaluation: Utility of an Ion Channel Toolbox. Ruth Martin, Abbott

2:45 PM
High Throughput Characterization of Genetically Expressed Ion Channels. Rajnish Ranjan, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne

3:15-3:45 PM Break

Session IV
Chair: Peter Tunon, Cellectricon, Inc

3:45 PM
Ionflux: A Microfluidic Ensemble Recording Technology for Ion Channels. Mats Holmquist, Novartis

4:15 PM
Compounds That Block Pain Were Identified by Screening Intact NaV Cell Lines Comprising Alpha and Beta Subunits. Kambiz Shekdar, Chromocell

4:45 PM
Using the OpusXpress to Screen for Blockers and Substrates of Electrogenic Transporters. George Ehring, Allergan

5:15PM Closing Remarks
Mark Keck, ChanTest Corporation

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