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Timothy A. Springer to Receive Biophysical Society’s 2022 Founders Award

ROCKVILLE, MD The Biophysical Society is pleased to announce that Timothy A. Springer, PhD, of Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital will receive the Society’s Founders Award in 2022. Springer will be honored at the Society’s 66th Annual Meeting, being held in San Francisco, California from February 19-23, 2022.

Springer is being honored for pioneering contributions to biophysical studies of immune cell rolling, activation and adhesion and revealed the force-based activation of integrins through an innovative combination of structural biology, single-molecule mechanical measurements and thermodynamic analysis. 

“Some scientific breakthroughs are immediately recognized for their brilliance, yet others require time and perspective to appreciate their full impact on the field,” said BPS President Frances Separovic, University of Melbourne, Australia. “The Founders Award allows us to call attention to outstanding achievements in biophysics that are now accepted and used by others. Timothy’s dedication and tenacity has led to innovation after innovation in the field of immunology, leading to the development of therapies for autoimmune diseases – to name just a few of his achievements. We are excited to celebrate his work and contributions.”

About the Award - The Founders Award is given to scientists for outstanding achievement in any area of biophysics, often reflected in the acceptance of and use by others in the field, either promptly or over a period of years.

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