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Biophysical Society Selects Biophysical Journal Paper of the Year for 2015

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Ellen R. Weiss December 14, 2015 [email protected] Biophysical Society Selects Biophysical Journal Paper of the Year for 2015 The Biophysical Society is pleased to announce that Jochen S. Hub of Georg-AugustUniversity Göttingen has been selected the winner of the Biophysical Journal Paper of the Year Award for 2015. His paper, “Interpretation of solution X-ray scattering by explicit-solvent molecular dynamics” was published in Volume 108(10) of Biophysical Journal. This award was established to recognize one outstanding paper by a corresponding author who is also a young investigator. Papers are nominated for the award by the Associate Editors of the Journal. “A central focus of structural biology is to determine how molecules dynamically reorganize to perform their functions in solution; this paper fully integrates experiments with simulations to help reach this holy grail, noted Biophysical Journal Editor-in-Chief Les Loew. “Biophysical Journal takes great pleasure in recognizing this excellent paper by such a talented young investigator.” Hub will receive a monetary prize and a plaque, and will present a short talk at the Award Symposium, during the Biophysical Society Annual Meeting on Tuesday, March 1, 2016. The Biophysical Society, founded in 1958, is a professional, scientific society established to encourage development and dissemination of knowledge in biophysics. The Society promotes growth in this expanding field through Biophysical Journal, its annual meeting, and committee and outreach activities. Its 9000 members are located throughout the U.S. and the world, where they teach and conduct research in colleges, universities, laboratories, government agencies, and industry. The annual meeting draws over 6500 scientists, and will be held February 27-March 2, 2016 in Los Angeles, California. Biophysical Journal (BJ) is the leading international journal for original research in molecular, cellular, and systems biophysics. Modern biophysics is a broad and rapidly advancing field encompassing the study of biological structures with a focus on mechanisms at the molecular, cellular, and systems level using the concepts and methods of physics, chemistry, mathematics, engineering, and computational science. Research on a broad range of biological problems is unified when approached with this common set of intellectual tools. 

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