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Biophysical Society Announced Undergraduate Poster Award Competition Winners

Biophysical Society Announced Undergraduate Poster Award Competition Winners

ROCKVILLE, MD – The 6 winners of the annual Undergraduate Poster Award Competition (UPAC) were recognized at the 67th Biophysical Society Annual Meeting Awards Ceremony on February 20, 2023. After two rounds of judging, judges from every career level selected these students for their outstanding presentations during the poster competition. Sixty-two students participated in the competition.

The 2023 UPAC winners are:

Justus Gabriel, The United States Military Academy, USA – “Tuning the Size and Solvent-Exposed Hydrophobicity of a Pore-Forming Peptide Eliminates its Cytotoxicity Using a Natural Product”

Kemal Demirer, University of Michigan, USA – “Investigating the Regulation and Function of Bacterial Quaternary Ammonium Compound Exporters”

Constance Kraay, Harvard University, USA – “Investigating the Mechanism of Suppression of Human γD-Crystallin Aggregation by Myo-Inositol”

Madeeha I. Ali, Stony Brook University, USA – “From Bluf Photoreceptor to Camp: An Insight into Photo-Activated Adenylyl Cyclase from Oscillatoria Acuminata”

Catherine Ji, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA – “Measurements and Simulations of Light-Activated Matter”

Thembalami Dube, Swarthmore College, USA – “In Vivo Disruption of Nuclear HSATII RNA Biomolecular Condensates”


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