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Executive Officer

Ro Kampman
Phone: 240-290-5600


Mailing Address:

11400 Rockville Pike
Suite 800
Rockville, Maryland 20852

Phone: 240-290-5600
Fax: 240-290-5555
Journal Fax: 240-290-5556

Administrative Support

Harris Povich

Director of Finance & Operations
Phone: 240-290-5610

Laura Phelan

Committees Coordinator
Phone: 240-290-5620

Melissa DeSomma

Governance and Administration Coordinator
Phone: 240-290-5603

Public Affairs & Outreach

Ellen Weiss

Director of Policy & Outreach
Phone: 240-290-5606

Member Services

Alisha Yocum

Director of Member Services & Publications
Phone: 240-290-5601

April Murphy

Membership Coordinator
Phone: 240-290-5604

Information Technology

Rose Isabelle Ebene, PMP

Director of Information Technology
Phone: 240-290-5607

Ray Wolfe

Creative Designer & IT Systems Engineer
Phone: 240-290-5619

Meetings and Exhibits

Dorothy Chaconas, CMP

Director of Meetings & Exhibits
Phone: 240-290-5605

Ying Zhu, CMP

Meetings Coordinator
Phone: 240-290-5602

Namita Gautam

Sales and Exhibits Manager
Phone: 240-290-5609

Biophysical Journal

Beth Staehle

Journal Manager
Phone: 240-290-5608

Molly Seligman

Publications Assistant
Phone: 240-290-5614