Committee Members

Juliette Lecomte, Chair (2018) Sonia Gregory (2017)
Ann-Sofie U. Cans (2017)Taviare Hawkins (2020) 
Melanie Cocco (2020)Vasanthi Jayaraman (2020)
Jim Cole (2019)
Jonathan Rocheleau (2020)
Robert Dempski (2019)
Douglas Swank (2018)
Michael Fried (2019)
Frances Separovic, ex officio

The Membership Committee is charged with assessing changes in Society membership and needs, looking for nascent and underserved areas, and based on those assessments, developing plans to attract new members and retain existing members. At the Annual Meeting, the Membership Committee hosts several events, including the New Member Welcome Coffee, giving members an opportunity to speak with Society leadership, and hosts a table at the Graduate Institution Fair. The Membership Committee also sponsors Society Mini-Grants for local networking events.