Committee Members

Gina MacDonald, Chair (2017)
Gundula Bosch (2017)
Ashley Carter (2018)
Linda Columbus (2018)
Sharyn Endow (2017)
William Guilford (2015)
Esmael Haddadian (2018)
Edwin Li (2016)
Vince LiCata (2016)
Nael McCarty (2016)
Pedro Muino (2016)

Peter Nelson (2016)
Horia Petrache (2016)
Anita Preininger (2016)
Pranav Rathi (2018)
Yadilette Rivera-Colon (2018)
Alex Small (2016)
Patricia Soto (2018)
Lise Thomas (2017)
Paul Urayama (2017)
Nagarajan Vaidehi (2017) 


The Education Committee is responsible for providing materials and ideas to be used in advertising biophysics to the general public and particularly to students. The Committee plans and executes brochures and educational programs at the Annual Meeting, and at other opportunities including the Undergraduate Student Symposium and the SRAA Poster Competition in conjunction with the Biophysical Society Subgroups.

Educational Resources
Careers in Biophysics
SRAA Poster Competition

Student Travel Awards