Early Careers

Committee Members

Prithwish Pal, Chair (2016)
Ravi Balijepalli (2016)
Leandro Barbosa (2016)
Frank Bosmans (2017)
Holly Holman (2018)
Harshad Joshi (2016)
Alexey Koyfman (2016)
Brannon McCullough (2017)

Medha Pathak (2016)
Vidhya Sivakumaran (2018)
Nikolai Smolin (2016)
Yuhua Song (2018)
Bert Tanner (2016)
Megan Valentine (2017)
Dianwen Zhang (2015)

The Early Careers Committee is charged with guiding and promoting the Society's early career activities, including the organization of career development, networking, and community-building events at the Annual Meeting and writing articles in the Society's Newsletter.  In addition, the Committee is responsible for increasing the involvement of early career (graduate student, postdoctoral, or newly independent scientist) members in Society affairs and recognizing the challenges unique to early career scientists.