Committee Members

H. Jane Dyson, Chair (2016)
Don Hilgemann (2017)
Elizabeth Komives (2017)
Rich Lewis (2016)
Edward Egelman, ex officio (2017)
Dorothy Beckett, ex officio (2016)
Francisco Bezanilla, ex officio (2015)

The Awards Committee solicits nominations for the Annual Society Awards and Fellows. The deadline for award nominations is May 1 of each year. Society members are encouraged to nominate candidates by submitting a nomination form and required materials.


Society Award Categories

Anatrace Membrane Protein Award
Avanti Award in Lipids
Michael & Kate Bárány Award for Young Investigators
Distinguished Service Award
Emily M. Gray Award
Fellow of the Biophysical Society
Founders Award
Margaret Oakley Dayhoff Award
U.S. Genomics Award for Outstanding Investigator in Single Molecule Biology