Motility & Cytoskeleton Subgroup 2018 Symposium
Saturday, February 17, 2018
San Francisco, California
1:00 PM- 6:00 PM
Esplanade Room 156
Subgroup Co-chairs: Carolyn Moores, University of London, Birbeck College, UK and Kristen Verhey, University of Michigan Medical School

1:00 PM Opening Remarks

1:05 PM 
Gregory Alushin, Rockefeller University 
Cytoskeletal Structural Plasticity in Force Generation and Mechanosensation

1:30 PM
Marija Zanic, Vanderbilt University
Dynamics of Microtubule minus Ends

1:55 PM 
Weihong Qiu, Oregon State University
The Kinesin-14 GiKin14a Achieves Long-Distance Minus-End-directed Motility via Its N-Terminal Nonmotor Microtubule-binding Tail

2:20 PM Student Talk

2:25 PM Break

2:45 PM
Tim Clausen, Research Institute of Molecular Pathology, Austria
Keeping Muscle Myosin in Shape

3:10 PM
Etsuko Muto, RIKEN Brain Science Institute, Japan
How Do Microtubules Activate Kinesin and Dynein ATPase Activity

3:35 PM Student Talk

3:40 PM
Samara Reck-Peterson, University of California, San Diego
Mechanisms of Regulating Cytoplasmic Dynein

4:05 PM
Margot Quinlan, University of California, Los Angeles
Cytoskeletal Control of Cell Polarity in the Drosophila Oocyte

4:30 PM Business Meeting

5:00 PM
Wallace Marshall, University of California, San Francisco 
Flagellar Length Control System: A Paradigm for Organelle Size Regulation 

6:00 PM Closing Remarks

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