Late Abstract Submission Deadline:

Program Requirements

The system has been optimized for current browsers. We recommend: Google Chrome browser.

Accessing Site and Submitting Your Abstract

To access the abstract submission site, click on the “Submit Abstract” link. The submission process will take approximately 15-30 minutes, depending on the speed of your internet connection and the time of submission. Submit early to avoid delays. If traffic on the site is heavy, you may be prompted to try later.

New Users

If you are a first time user, you will need to click on the link: "Click here to create a new user account." Provide all required information for the presenting author, including complete first name and email address. Should you re-enter the site to submit another abstract or revise your abstract, you will need your login information. Cut and paste any special characters (Ü, á, ñ….) from your word processor when entering author information. Please click “Continue” at the bottom of the page to save your changes.

Returning Users

If you have previously accessed the site to submit an abstract for a BPS Annual Meeting, then you are a “Returning User.” Simply enter your login and password. If you do not know your password, you can have it emailed to the address you used when you originally created your account. Remember to always use the same login and password each time you use the system to avoid future confusion.

Once logged into the system, please click the “Profile” icon at the top-right of the screen, to review and update your contact information. The online abstract system is not linked to the Biophysical Society membership database.

Submitting a New Abstract

To submit a new abstract, click on the “New Submission Link.”

Affirmation and Abstract Title

You will be required to read all information and agree to each statement by clicking the check-boxes. You will be prompted to enter the title of your abstract. Please use ALL CAPS to enter your abstract title. The title will appear in publication exactly as you have typed it here. This is the only time you will need to enter the title of your abstract into the system.

Author Block Information

The next page displays the Presenting Author information you previously entered at the beginning of your submission. If you need to add/edit authors or change the author order on the abstract, you may do so on the subsequent page.

Be sure that you give a current email address for the presenting author. All abstract-related correspondence is done via email, so an incorrect email address could cause a delay in the receipt of important information.

Enter required information for each co-author: name, published affiliation, city, state, and country.

To help expedite data entry, the default address for each co-author will be the presenting author’s address. The co-author address may be edited.

Always type common affiliations in exactly the same way each time. Even a slight variation will cause the institution to be listed more than once in the author block, which is not correct.

Disclosure Information

Authors of submitted abstracts must complete the disclosure statement in the electronic abstract submission form. Disclosure should include any relationships that may bias one’s presentation or which, if known, could give the perception of bias. These situations include, but are not limited to:

  • Stock options or bond holdings in a for-profit corporation or self-directed pension plan
  • Research grants
  • Employment (full or part-time)
  • Ownership or partnership
  • Consulting fees or other remuneration
  • Non-remunerative positions of influence such as officer, board member, trustee, or
    public spokesperson
  • Receipt of royalties
  • Speaker's bureau

Abstracts submitted for poster or platform presentations must represent scientific research that cannot be perceived as marketing a specific product or company. An individual who wishes to promote a particular product or service is encouraged to participate as an exhibitor and present an exhibitor presentation.

Membership and Sponsorship

All abstract submissions must be sponsored by a member. Members may only sponsor one abstract, with the exception of the Biophysics Education category. Members may submit an education abstract in addition to an abstract in one other category. If you are NOT a Biophysical Society member, or if you have already sponsored another abstract, you MUST provide a sponsor who is a current (2018 dues paid) member of the Biophysical Society.

The sponsor must not have submitted his/her own abstract or be sponsoring another abstract. It is assumed the sponsor has agreed to the use of his/her name in lieu of a signature. If you are a BPS Society member, and are sponsoring your own abstract, you still MUST enter your name and complete the Sponsor information. Members may be co-authors on other abstracts, but they cannot sponsor more than one abstract. If you are NOT a Biophysical Society member, you may join at the time of submission in order to sponsor your own abstract. Please complete the required membership application before submitting the abstract.

Presentation Preference - late abstracts are eligible for Poster Presentation only

At the time of regular abstract submission, attendees submitting abstracts must indicate the format in which they would prefer to present their abstracts at the Annual Meeting. Abstract submitters must choose one of the following: Platform, Poster, or Member-Organized Session. Each session type may be scheduled Sunday – Wednesday at the meeting. 


Member-Organized Session - proposals are no longer being accepted

Annual Meeting attendees who are interested in organizing a member-organized session on a specific topic not included in the abstract categories must meet the criteria listed below in order for the session to be considered by the Program Committee. If a proposed member-organized session is not selected, the abstracts submitted for the session will be programmed either in an appropriate platform session or poster session. Speakers have 15 minutes for presentation and discussion.  There must be eight speakers in a session and organizers must keep in mind gender and geographic diversity.
  • Member-organized sessions may only be organized by members of the Biophysical Society (membership must be current for the year of the Meeting). 
  • To be considered for presentation at the current Annual Meeting, the organizers and chairs of proposed member-organized sessions must not have been selected for presentation at the previous year’s Annual Meeting.
  • Submissions must include the title of the session, chair of the session, a proposed list of speakers and titles of each of their abstracts. 
  • Submissions must also include a short description of how the proposed member-organized session is not addressed within the existing abstract categories. 
  • Complete proposals must be sent to the Society Office,, by Monday, September 11, 2017. 
  • All abstracts included in a member-organized session must be submitted by the abstract deadline in order for the member-organized session to be considered; these abstract submissions must indicate “member-organized session” as the session type. No late abstract submissions will be considered for member-organized sessions.
Member-organized session proposals will be reviewed by the Program Committee. Those selected will be scheduled into sessions running concurrently with platform sessions Sunday-Wednesday. Organizers and speakers listed in member-organized session proposals will be sent formal notification from the Society office of the Program Committee’s final selections.


Topic Category

Choose a first and second topic category preference that most clearly fits the subject of your abstract. Please check the categories to make sure they are correct. Abstracts must be confined to scientific topics.

Travel Award Submission - applications are no longer being accepted

To apply for a travel award you MUST submit an application in order to be considered for the award. Applications for Education, Inclusion and Diversity, International Relations, Professional Opportunities for Women and Bridging travel awards can be found at the Travel Awards page. You will be notified in late November whether or not you have been chosen to receive a travel award. 

SRAA - applications are no longer being accepted

If you plan to submit your abstract for the SRAA Poster Competition, you MUST choose a subgroup topic category. Your abstract will not be considered for the SRAA if you do not submit a completed application or if you do not select a subgroup topic. SRAA participants will be sent instructions for the poster competition in early January.

Career Luncheons

To register for the Postdoc to Faculty Q&A: Transitions Forum and Luncheon, you MUST submit a registration form along with the registration fee. New and experienced faculty will moderate this informal discussion. Pre-registration is suggested and the fee will include lunch. Registration forms can be found at the Professional Development and Networking page on the society website.

Abstract Submission

Abstract title and abstract body combined should not exceed 300 words. No graphics will be accepted in the submission of abstracts.

There are two options to submit your abstract:
1. Enter your abstract manually (text only)
2. Upload your abstract from a prepared file 

To upload your abstract, prepare your abstract in MS Word (.doc) (preferred), Rich Text Format (.rtf), Plain Text (.txt), or WordPerfect (.wpd) prior to accessing the submission site. Please use font Times New Roman, size 12.

You may include special characters (Greek letters, superscript, subscript), as needed in your prepared file.

The file you upload should include only the abstract body. The file you save and upload will be accepted as uploaded (e.g., headers and footers will appear if saved to file.) You will have the opportunity to preview your abstract, correct any mistakes in your word processor, and re-upload the changes or edit it online before completing the submission.


Submission Fee

The abstract processing fee must be paid by credit card at the time of submission. Your credit card will be charged immediately for the $150 abstract processing fee. You will receive a confirmation of your abstract submission and a separate paid receipt for the abstract processing fee. 

Please note: The confirmation and receipt will be sent to the e-mail address specified for the Presenting Author at the beginning of the submission.

Review My Work

The final summary page will allow you to review the information you entered during the submission process. Review it carefully.

To make changes and corrections, select the appropriate section on the left-hand margin to return to that portion of the submission site. A message will appear that states, “This submission is complete” if all the steps have been completed. Print/Save the summary page as a record of your submission. If you would also like an email confirmation sent to you, click on the email link at the bottom of the summary page.

Withdrawals & Revisions Deadlines

Withdrawals and revisions of late abstracts must be submitted by the late abstract deadline of Monday, January 15, 2018, 11:59 PM (EST).
Requests for abstract withdrawal must be received in writing by the Biophysical Society, 5515 Security Lane, Suite 1110, Rockville, MD 20852; fax: (240) 290-5555; or via email from the presenting author’s email address: Include the presenting author's full name and abstract number.


Platform Sessions - only available for early abstract submissions

Presenting authors will be notified in late November if their abstract has been selected for presentation in a platform session. Data projectors will be provided in all session rooms in the Convention Center. The data projectors will be compatible with both IBM and Macintosh laptops. Presenters MUST bring their own laptop computer. Please arrive at the session room 30 minutes before the session begins to connect your laptop to the projector. Speakers will be allotted 15 minutes to present their abstract and take questions from the audience.

Poster Sessions

Late Abstract Submissions: Presenting authors will be notified in mid-January if their abstract has been selected for a poster session.
Poster presentations will take place from 1:45–3:45 PM, Sunday through Tuesday, and from 10:30 AM-12:30 PM on Wednesday.