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The World’s Largest Meeting of Scientists Working in the Field of Biophysics 

Who attends the Biophysical Society Annual Meeting?
The Annual Meeting is the leading forum for investigators specializing in the fastest growing scientific discipline, biophysics. Those spanning science to understand biology include researchers in cell biology, molecular biology, chemistry, computer science, materials science, neuroscience, pharmacology, physiology, systems biology and other emerging areas. 
Over 7,000 international attendees all engaged in cutting-edge research and interested in state-of-the-art technologies and innovative lab-related tools. Over 55 countries were represented at the 57th Annual Meeting.




Annual Meeting Registration Figures


Biophysics is one of the fastest growing areas in the study of life sciences. This broadly focused research community encompasses a myriad of scientific disciplines. 

Annual Meeting Attendees are currently focusing their efforts in
these fields of the study:

Bioengineering Membrane Physical Chemistry
Cardiac Muscle Research & Electrophysiology Membrane Protein Structure & Function
Cell Biology Membrane Structures
Cell Mechanics & Motility Molecular Biology
Cell Physiology Neuroscience
Channels Protein Dynamics
Computational Biology & Chemistry Protein Interactions
DNA & RNA Structures Protein Structure
Drug Discovery Signaling
Fluorescence and Spectroscopy Single Molecule Techniques
Imaging and Optical Microscopy Structural Biology
Materials Science Systems Biology 


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