Permeation & Transport

Dirk Gillespie, Rush University Medical Center, Subgroup Chair

Permeation & Transport Subgroup 2013 Symposium
Saturday, February 2, 2013
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

1:30 PM, Gerhard Hummer, National Institutes of Health
Water Mediated Membrane Transport: From Channels to Proton Pumps 

2:05 PM, Student Research Highlight: Zachary Johnson, Duke University
Structural Basis of Selectivity of a Concentrative Nucleoside Transporter 

2:30 PM, Alessio Accardi, Weill Cornell Medical College
Channeling Your Inner Lipid: Ca2+ Dependent Phosopholipid Scrambling by a TMEM16 Ion Channel

3:05 PM, Student Research Highlight: Nurunisa Akyuz, Weill Cornell Medical College
Dynamics of a Glutamate Transporter Homologue at Single Molecule Resolution 

3:30 PM, Edward Yu, Iowa State University
Structure and Mechanism of the Tripartite CusCBA Heavy-Metal Efflux Complex 
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