Membrane Structure & Assembly

Heiko Heerklotz, University of Toronto, Canada, Subgroup Chair

Membrane Structure & Assembly Subgroup 2013 Symposium
Saturday, February 2, 2013
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

1:00 PM, Bill Wimley, Tulane University, Thompson Award Winner
Discovering Highly Potent Pore-Forming Peptides Using Synthetic Molecular Evolution 
1:35 PM, Alan Grossfield, University of Rochester Medical Center
Exploring the Mechanisms of Antimicrobial Lipopetides with Molecular Simulation
2:10 PM, Ole Mouritsen, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark 
Fatty Acids and Lysolipids Pertub Lipid Membranes: Implications for Drug Delivery 
2:45 PM, Break

3:10 PM, Erwin London, Stony Brook University 
Both Detergent Effects Upon Domain Size and Transmembrane Protein Length Effects Upon Domain Binding Suggest that Hydrophobic Mismatch can Control the Properties of Ordered Membrane Domains ("Rafts")

3:45 PM, Sandro Keller, University of Kaiserslautern, Germany
Functional Reconstitution of Membrane Proteins by Isothermal Titration Calorimetry  

4:20 PM, Klaus Gawrisch, National Institutes of Health
Detergents for Extraction, Purification, and Reconstitution of G Protein-Coupled Membrane Receptors
5:00 PM, Business Meeting
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