Call for 2013 Thematic Meeting Proposals

Proposal deadline: September 9, 2011

Each year during the summer and fall, the Biophysical Society sponsors small focusedtopic meetings that are organized by Society
members. The Society provides partial financial support in the range of $10,000–$20,000, in addition to complete meeting management,
including all web and onsite components.

The Society is now calling for proposals for 2013 thematic meetings. Complete submissions will be considered by the Thematic Meetings
Committee, and the Committee’s recommendations will be submitted to the Society’s Executive Board for consideration in November 2011.
In 2010, the Society sponsored two highly successful meetings: one on calcium signaling in Beijing, China, in October, and another on actin,
the cytoskeleton, and the nucleus in Singapore in November. In July 2011, the Society sponsored another successful meeting entitled Dynamic DNA Packaging Across Kingdoms: Chromatin & Beyond in Asilomar, California (see page 10 for meeting summary). In 2012, the Society is
sponsoring a meeting in Beijing, China, on techniques used in studying weak protein-target interactions, and one in India on membrane
proteins and lipid-protein interactions.

What makes these meetings unique and exciting is that they bring together researchers in different areas who do not otherwise attend the
same conferences, but work on the same topics from different approaches. Bringing these individuals and approaches together is the essence of biophysics.

Criteria for meetings sponsored by the Biophysical Society are as follows:

  • Organizers must be Society members.
  • Topics must be timely, not recently addressed, and should foster interdisciplinary and international research.
  • Speakers must present new and exciting research.
  • The proposed list of speakers must represent geographic, gender, and ethnic diversity.
  • Domestic and international sites are appropriate.
  • Joint meetings with other societies or institutions are appropriate when justified.

Complete submissions must include names of the organizers, meeting title, rationale for holding the meeting in 2013, description of the
topics that will be presented, a list of proposed speakers, the proposed location and rationale for that site, and a preliminary budget that includes
federal agencies and commercial firms that will be solicited for financial support. Proposals should address each of the selection criteria above.

Proposals must be submitted through the onsite submission site at for consideration.

The deadline for submissions of proposals for 2013 meetings is September 9, 2011.

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