Membrane Structure
and Assembly

The last two subgroup symposia were  great successes. The rooms were full, with several rows of participants standing in the back. We are looking forward to another well-attended subgroup symposium in Baltimore next year. What most people do not realize is that only a very small minority of those attending the subgroup symposium are members of the subgroup, and a large fraction of Society members have not paid their subgroup annual dues. Yet, that small, $15 contribution per member allows us to cover costs of the subgroup symposium and travel for the speakers who make the subgroup meetings a success. The deadline for abstracts for the Biophysical Society Meeting in Baltimore is approaching. We urge all of those who regularly attend and enjoy the subgroup symposium to become members of the Membrane Structure and Assembly Subgroup. And we urge all the subgroup members to pay their subgroup dues before the Baltimore meeting.

Paulo F. Almeida, Chair


Two new Bioenergetics Council members were elected this summer. Our two new Council members are Jan Hoek, Thomas Jefferson University, and Kathleen “Casey” Kinnally, New York University. They replace Petra Fromme, Arizona State University, and Edward Berry, State University of New York, Albany. Many thanks to Petra and Ed for their contributions to the vitality of the subgroup during their time as Council members.
The Subgroup Symposia are finalized. The morning session, co-chaired by Gyorgy   Hajnoczky of Thomas Jefferson University and Shey-Shing Sheu of the University of Rochester is entitled Calcium Signaling and Mitochondria. Contributors include David Clapham, Harvard University Medical School; Israel Sekler, Ben Gurion University of the Negev; Heping “Peace” Cheng, Peking University; Gyorgy Szabadkai, University College, London;  and John LeMasters,  Medical College of South Carolin
Integrateda. The afternoon session, co-chaired by Miguel Aon of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Uwe Schlattner of the University of Grenoble, is entitled Molecular System Bioenergetics: Combined Theoretical-Computational Approaches to the Analysis of Energetic-Signaling Networks.  Additional contributors will be Sonia Cortassa, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine; Ravi Lyengar, Mount Sinai School of Medicine; Boris Kholodenko, University College, Dublin; Valdur Saks, University of Grenoble; and Jeffrey J. Saucerman, University of Virginia School of Medicine.
Subgroup members are asked to keep in mind a couple of items as they prepare for the annual meeting: 1) nominations of candidates for council and subgroup chair (to replace me), and 2) putative topics for next year’s subgroup symposia. See you in Baltimore!

Lawrence Prochaska, Chair






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