BPS Carbon Mitigation Efforts

The Biophysical Society (BPS) has again provided donations to two initiatives that help mitigate the Society’s Annual Meeting carbon footprint. This year $24,800 will be divided equally between The Climate Trust and University Park Solar.

At The Climate Trust, BPS funds will support an Innovative Offset Sectors Program that is developing protocols for implementing biochartechnologies in ways that maximize environmental benefi ts, including long-term carbon sequestration. At University Park Solar, a community organization in the Baltimore area, BPS funds will support the purchase and installation of solar panels. In addition, University Park Solar is developing ways to spread its novel community model for building solar power plants to other communities nationally and internationally. The programs were selected by a committee, established by the Executive Board, whose members include Joseph Falke, Chair, Mark Arsenault, Henry Lester, Ralph Nossal, Jason Otterstrom, and Francesco Vanzi. For full descriptions of the two programs, visit their websites at www.climatetrust.org/offset.html and www.universityparksolar.com.



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