2013 SRAA Winners

 The 13 winners of the annual Student Research Achievement Awards were recognized at the awards ceremony on February 4. The students were selected by judges from the Society’s subgroups for their outstanding presentations during the poster competition. One hundred and forty-one students participated in the competition. The winners are:


Khadijeh Alnajjar, Wright State University
The Role of the N-terminus of Subunit III in Proton Uptake in Cytochrome C Oxidase of Rhodobacter Sphaeroides

Biological Fluorescence

Jie-Pan Shen, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Multiple Mine-Associated States and Nucleoid Stabilize Self-Organized Minde Pattern Formation in E. coli

Anand Singh, National University of Singapore
SPIM-FCCS: A Novel Technique to Quantitate Protein-Protein Interaction in Live Cells

Biopolymers in vivo

Shahar Sukenik, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
Thermodynamic Fingerprints Reveal Variability in Cosolute Effect on Peptide Folding

Exocytosis & Endocytosis

Reuben Friend, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom
VAMP 3 and 8 Define Distinct Vesicle Pools that Regulate the Secretion of Inflammatory Mediators in Human Mast Cells

Intrinsically Disordered Proteins

Kiersten Ruff, Washington University
Modulation of Polyglutamine Conformations and Associations by C-terminal Proline Rich Regions from Exon 1 of Huntingtin

Membrane Biophysics

David Baez-Nieto, CINV, Chile
Voltage-dependence in Thermo-voltage Sensitive Channel TRPV1, a Delocalized Voltage Sensor?

Membrane Structure & Assembly

Stefan Scheidelaar, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
Towards Detergent Free Solubilization of Membrane Proteins into Nanodiscs: a Biophysical Study on the Interaction Between Styrene Maleic Acid (SMA) Copolymers and Synthetic Phospholipid Vesicles

Molecular Biophysics

Swati Tyagi, European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Germany
Long-term Single-molecule TIRF Observation of Biomolecules without Immobilization


Li Wang, University of Iowa
Cardiac Myosin Binding-Protein C (CMYBP-C) Phosphorylation Affect Cross Bridge Function

Nanoscale Biophysics

Niccolo Banterle, European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Germany
Absolute Stoichiometry of the Nuclear Pore Complex

Ziqing Zhao, Harvard University
Spatial Organization of RNA Polymerase II Revealed by Super-Resolution Imaging of Mammalian Cell Nucleus

Permeation & Transport

Kuang Shen, California Institute of Technology
Activated GTPase Movement on SRP RNA DrivesCotranslational Protein Targeting

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