Science Fairs

For the fifth consecutive year, the Biophysical Society sponsored awards at regional and state science fairs across North America. These Biophysics Awards were given for outstanding biophysics-related projects, as determined by local Society members who volunteered as judges at the events.

In 2013, 29 students received the Biophysics Award including 12 at the state level. Additionally, 2013 was the first time BPS sponsored an award at a fair outside of the the US, in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Since its inception, the science fairs program has vastly expanded. In 2009, the Society funded awards at only four fairs in the Boston area, in conjunction with the 53rd Annual Meeting. After a successful first year, science fair awards in the San Francisco Bay-area were added in 2010. The following year, the Society broadened its scope to include regional and state fairs in the Baltimore area, including Washington DC, surrounding Maryland counties, and northern Virginia. In addition to fairs local to Annual Meeting sites, in 2011, the Society began funding awards at state and regional science fairs across the US where BPS members volunteered to serve as judges.

The science fair initiative, sponsored by the Public Affairs Committee, encourages the teaching and learning of science, technology, engineering, and math, as well as raises interest in and awareness of biophysics among high school students and teachers. The Biophysical Society would like to thank the Society members who volunteered to judge at their local science fairs this year! If you are interested in having BPS sponsor an award at your regional or state fair in 2014 or have questions visit .

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