2013 Biophysics Summer Course Begins

The sixth year of the NIGMS-funded Biophysical Society Summer Course: Case Studies in the Physics of Life kicked off on May 14. Ten students from diverse academic, cultural, and geographic backgrounds are spending their summer at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) studying biophysics. The 11-week course gives students the chance to complete their own biophysics-related research project in the lab with their self-selected mentors. In addition to lab work, students attend lectures and seminars given by UNC faculty and visiting speakers from biophysics programs around the country.

The full summer schedule, prepared by Course co-directors and Society members Mike Jarstfer and Barry Lentz, also includes professional development classes, a field trip to the beach, and a visit to a lab at Duke University. Bradley Falk, Sarah Marks, and Adrienne Synder, all graduate students at UNC, are acting as teaching assistants for the Course, hosting recitation sessions and giving quizzes.

Summer Course 2013 Students

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