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Global Science Council Forms, Releases Standards for Peer Review

In mid-May, nearly fifty leaders of national researchfunding agencies gathered at the Global Summit on Merit Review, ending a year-long initiative to develop the Statement of Principles for Scientific Merit Review. This statement focuses on six principles needed for an effective peer review system. The summit, held at the US National Science Foundation (NSF) headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, also marked the inaugural meeting of the Global Research Council (GRC). As international scientific collaborations rapidly increase, the GRC hopes to address problems that hinder the globalization of science. The GRC will create a forum for discussion of general policy issues important to research-funding agencies around the world. NSF director Subra Suresh, who coordinated the summit, believes that the GRC will serve as “the first step toward a more unified approach to the scientific process.”

The GRC plans to discuss research integrity and open access to scientific research over the next year and will release consensus statements on these topics during the next global summit in May 2013. Before this gathering, to be held in Berlin, Germany, regional GRC meetings will take place in each of the five world regions.

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