The Biopolymers in vivo subgroup explores biology, in vivo, where it happens!

We are really excited by the upcoming Annual Meeting: especially the Biopolymers in vivo (BIV) subgroup meeting and symposium! In the program, designed by Gilad Haran and Jeff Skolnick, attendees will hear from six internationally renowned speakers, headlined by our keynote speakers Judith Frydman and Sunney Xie. The six talks will be accompanied by two postdoctoral talks selected from the submitted abstracts. The theme of the BIV subgroup symposium, Molecular Machines and How They Function Inside Cells, echoes the overarching theme of the Annual Meeting. The talks will cover state-of-the-art computational approaches to simulate cellular biophysics, as well as the newest and most exciting experimental techniques. Combining this with titillating biological questions will yield a super session that truly “Bridges the Sciences to Explore Biology.” We count on seeing you there!

At our 12:15 pm Business Meeting, which precedes the symposium, we will discuss how this subgroup can serve the needs of this burgeoning community. Thanks to generous sponsors, we’ll have delicious munchies to stimulate a lively exchange of ideas. We are persuaded that biophysics is moving increasingly toward complex systems that better represent in vivo processes, and we wish to catalyze new collaborations and methods, to foster dialogues among scientists from different disciplines, and to encourage young scientists to embark on careers that take them into the in vivo world.

Please join us for a stimulating afternoon of science in an exciting new area of biophysics.

  • Lila Gierasch, Silvia Cavagnero, and Pernilla Wittung-Stafshede, Current, future, and past BIV chairs
  • Jeetain Mittal, Secretary/Treasurer Simon Ebbinghaus, Joan Shea, Daryl Eggers, Members-at-Large
  • Gilad Haran, Jeff Skolnick, Symposium Co-Chairs

Lila Gierasch, BIV Subgroup Chair