Meeting Updates

Exhibitor Coupon Booklet

Exhibitors will be offering money-saving opportunities to all attendees through Exhibitor Coupons, available onsite at registration and in the Exhibit Hall. Coupons will include show discounts on products, services, and may even include a raffle or two! Pick up your coupons at registration and explore the Exhibit Hall to use your coupons.


Crystallography Review
To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the discovery of X-Ray diffraction, the February 4 issue of Biophysical Journal (BJ) features a review by Jane and David Richardson highlighting 54 biophysically important structures. Copies of the review, which include Jane Richardson’s hand-drawn images, will be available at the Society booth in San Francisco. Stop by to pick up a copy and be sure to view the article online for additional enhancements.

The celebration continues at the 58th Annual Meeting of BPS. Attend the symposium Celebrating 100 Years of Crystallography: X-Rays Are Photons Too on Sunday, February 16, from 4:00 to 6:00 pm, to hear noted speakers Jane Richardson, Duke University; Gregory Petsko, Brandeis University; William Weis, Stanford University; Thomas Terwilliger, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Jamie Cate, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; and John Spence, Arizona State University.


Biophysical Society Biomolecular Dome
Visit this 3-D portable Dome, sponsored by the Public Affairs Committee, to see how difficult biophysical topics can be made accessible to the general public. Short videos will present a range of topics that will convey to students how research visualization provides insights and medical opportunities as to the nature of pathogens and cells. Overall, these videos communicate the excitement of looking at macromolecular complexes and understanding the molecular basis for life. The Dome will be located in the Exhibit Hall and open during the following hours:

Sunday–Tuesday: 10:00 am–5:00 pm
Wednesday: 9:00 am–1:00 pm


Daily Meet-Up
Every evening at 5:30 pm a local student will be waiting at the Society Booth to meet up with attendees who want to experience the local flavor of San Francisco. As a group, you will find restaurants that will comfort and challenge your taste buds in the city known for its foodie culture and exquisite tastes. Bon appétit!


Onsite Registration
On-site registration at the Moscone Center will be open:

Friday, February 14, 3:00pm–5:00 pm
Saturday, February 15, 8:00 am–6:30 pm
Sunday, February 16– Tuesday, February 18, 7:30 am–5:00 pm
Wednesday, February 19, 8:00 am–3:00 pm


Biophysical Society TV
The Biophysical Society is partnering with the international film and broadcasting company, WebsEdge, to bring Biophysical Society TV to the 58th Annual Meeting! Biophysical Society TV will be an onsite Annual Meeting television channel featuring new episodes daily, screened around the venue, as well as on a dedicated television channel in selected guest hotel rooms and online. This venture serves to raise the visibility of the important work of biophysicists and to provide an opportunity to learn about cutting-edge research and developments that are advancing biophysics.

Each daily program has two features: “Thought Leadership” and “Annual Meeting News.” Thought Leadership pieces are five-minute sponsored film segments highlighting major programs and activities underway in the field. Annual Meeting News is a daily program of meeting highlights, featuring “behind the scenes” interviews, coverage of meeting events, and reactions to the day’s events from attendees.

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