BJ Highlighted Papers

Have you read the latest highlighted papers in Biophysical Journal? These are papers selected in each issue by the Associate Editors for being of particular interest. These articles are available through free access for two weeks after publication. To read the full articles visit


Proteins, Nucleic Acids, and Supramolecular Assemblies

Quantitative analysis of the nanopore translocation
dynamics of simple structure polynucleotides

Severin Schink, Stephan Renner, Karen Alim,
Vera Arnaut, Friedrich C. Simmel, and Ulrich Gerland





Direct measurement of the mechanical properties
of lipid phases in supported bilayers

Laura Picas, Felix Rico, and Simon Scheuring





A novel phase of compressed bilayers that models the
pre-stalk transition state of membrane fusion

Shuo Qian, and Huey W. Huang





 Biological Systems, Cellular Processes, Multicellular Dynamics

Blood clot formation under flow: The importance
of factor XI depends strongly on platelet count

Aaron L. Fogelson, Yasmeen H. Hussain, and Karin Leiderman





Stability and multi-attractor dynamics of a toggle switch
based on a two-stage model of stochastic gene expression

Michael Strasser, Fabian J. Theis, and Carson Marr





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