Membrane Biophysics

Call for Nominations for the 2014 Kenneth S. Cole Award

The Membrane Biophysics Subgroup is now soliciting nominations for the Kenneth S. Cole Award. This is an annual award given to an investigator who has made a substantial contribution to the understanding of membrane biophysics. The award will be presented at the Subgroup dinner following the Saturday afternoon symposium at the 2014 Annual Meeting in San Francisco. Any member of the Membrane Biophysics Subgroup may be a nominator.

For additional details and a listing of previous awardees, go to

The recipient will be determined by the selection committee, consisting of the Subgroup Chair, the Chair-elect, the past Chair, the past-past Chair, and the Secretary-Treasurer. Nominations should contain a brief statement summarizing the qualifications of the nominee and a CV.

The deadline for nominations is October 11, 2013. Please email nominations to the subgroup Secretary-Treasurer, Chris Ahern (

Announcement of the 2014 Cole Awardee and additional details about the dinner will be posted on the website, announced by email, and included in the newsletter when available.

Chris Ahern, Membrane Biophysics subgroup Secretary/Treasurer


Sarah Keller Wins Thomas E. Thompson Award

Sarah L. Keller, Professor of Chemistry at the University of Washington and assiduous member of MSAS, has been awarded the Thomas E. Thompson prize offered by the Subgroup. The award recognizes an outstanding contribution in the field of membrane structure and assembly, in this case Keller’s contributions to our understanding of the lateral segregation of lipids into domains in membranes.

The Tommy Award, as it is affectionately known in the Subgroup, was established in 2012, so Keller is only the second winner (the previous one was Bill Wimley, from Tulane). She will receive a $500 cash prize and will be invited to present an Award Lecture at the 2014 Subgroup symposium in San Francisco. The jury consisted of the Chairs, past, present, and elect, respectively Heiko Heerklotz, Félix M. Goñi and Marjorie Longo, who had a hard time deciding among the five very good candidates until the final decision was made. We hope that next year there will be more, and at least as good, candidates, so that the jury will have an even harder job choosing a winner.

Félix Goñi, MSAS subgroup Chair

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