SRAA Winners


S. Saif Hasan – Purdue University
Conservation of Lipid Binding Sites in Cytochrome BC Complexes1

Biological Fluorescence

Ruoyi Qiu – North Carolina State University
Conformational Changes in Muts During Mismatch Repair Signaling Determined
With Single Molecule FRET

Biopolymers in vivo

Yanxin Liu – University of Illinois
Folding Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Lambda-Repressor From All-Atom
Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Exocytosis & Endocytosis (two winners)

Amicia Elliott – Vanderbilt University
Role of Rac1-Gtpase in Glucose Inhibition of Glucagon Secretion

Prattana Samasilp – Case Western Reserve University
Dynamin I Regulates Activity-Dependent Fusion Pore Dilation Via a
Calcineurin-Dependent Pathway in Mouse Adrenal Chromaffin Cells

Intrinsically Disordered Proteins

Anuja Chandrasekar – University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston
Role of Neurogranin in the Regulation of Calmodulin Dynamics

Membrane Biophysics

Frank Smith – Temple University
Multiple Ca2+ Binding Sites in the RCK Domain Contribute to Gating
in the MTHK K+ Channel

Membrane Structure & Assembly

Cynthia Stanich – University of Washington
Coarsening Dynamics of Domains in Lipid Membranes

Molecular Biophysics

Sayan Mondal – Cornell University
Interaction With the Membrane Uncovers Essential Differences
Between Highly Homologous GPCRS


Leslie Conway – University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Microtubule Motor Traffic Jams

Nanoscale Biophysics (two winners)

María Queralt Martín – James I University, Spain
Modulation of Conductance and Ion Selectivity of OMPF
Porin by LA3+ Ions

Shannon Yan – University of California,Berkeley
Deciphering Ribosomal Frameshifting Dynamics

Permeation & Transport

Lawrence Gray – University of Iowa
Solute Specificity and Transport Kinetics of the Urea Channel
From Helicobacter Pylori

NIGMS Poster Winner

Thomas Chew – University of California, San Diego
Structural Investigations of CLC-EC1, a Large Integral Membrane Protein,
Using Solution-State Nmr and Nanodisc Technology

April 2012 Table of Contents