Selected Topics In Biophysics

Biophysics is a diverse and eclectic field, and consequently difficult to categorize. For the purposes of this summary of educational resources in biophysics, biophysics is divided into three parts or topic areas: molecular structures, biophysical techniques, and biological mechanisms. Each topic area is defined here and an attempt is made to indicate how these areas are interrelated within the field of biophysics. An annotated list of specific resources, available as text files or web sites, for each topic area is then provided on subsequent pages.

This material was developed by the BPS Education Committee as information on select biophysics topics. The Society has received many requests for this material and many members use it in their classes.

Every effort is made to ensure that links to sites maintained by other institutions or individuals are active, educational, and accurate. If you find otherwise, please contact the Society at or at 240-290-5600.

Biophysical Mechanisms
Biophysical Techniques
Molecular Structure and Behavior