Paris Networking Event

Paris Networking Event

First Event of the Great Paris Membrane Club
Institut Pasteur

Centre de Biologie Intégrative des Maladies Emergentes
Paris, France
June 10, 2013



Nienke Buddelmeijer, Institut Pasteur; Rémi Fronzes, Insitut Pasteur; Daniel Lévy, Institut Curie; Martin Picard, UMR8015 LCRB


Dror Warchawski, IBPC (Paris)
Daniel Picot, IBPC (Paris)
Catherine Venien-Bryan, UPMC (Paris)
M Dahan, Institut Curie (Paris)
Jean-Michel Jault, IBS (Grenoble)


This one-day event will bring together researchers from Paris and the greater Paris area who are interested in the recent advances in the field of Membrane Protein Biophysics. This event will be organized as an annual symposium of a recently created network, the Membrane Protein Club. The club organizes meetings once a month to discuss methodological highlights from the membrane protein field.

Plenary lectures from leading scientists and oral communications from young scientists will be scheduled. The event will focus on four main topics: in vivo imaging, in vitro functional assays, single molecule biophysics, and structural biology.


The inscription is free, but mandatory. Please submit your abstracts to: Martin Picard, /


Morning Session

8:00 AM Welcoming of Participants
9:00 AM   Opening of the Symposium
9:10 AM Session One: NMR
Dror Warchawski, IBPC Paris - NMR & Membrane Proteins: What's Up? What's Next? 
9:50 AM Selected Communication 1
10:05 AM Selected Communication 2
10:20 AM Session Two: Crystallography
Daniel Picot, IBPC Paris - Specific Challenges of Membrane Protein Crystallography
11:00 AM Selected Communication 1
11:15 AM Selected Communication 2
11:30 AM Session Three: Electronic Microscopy
Catherine Venien-Bryan, UPMC Paris - Cryoelectron Microscopy: Pushing the Limit of Resolution
12:10 PM Selected Communication 1
12:25 PM Selected Communication 2
12:40 PM Lunch Break

Afternoon Session

2:00 PM Session Four: Photonic Imaging
M. Dahan, Institut Curie Paris - Unraveling the Structural and Dynamic Properties of a Sub Membrane Scaffold, One Molecule at a Time
2:40 PM Selected Communication 1
2:55 PM Selected Communication 2
3:10 PM Coffee Break
4:00 PM Session Five: Spectroscopic Techniques
Jean-Michel Jault, IBS Grenoble - Input of the H/D Exchange Approach into the Dynamic of a Multidrug ABC Transporter
4:40 PM Selected Communication 1
4:55 PM Selected Communication 2
5:10 PM Conclusions