What is Biophysics?

Is the term Biophysics new to you or confusing?  Perhaps you are unsure exactly what is biophysicists study or which innovative and exciting discoveries have been made using biophysics methods and techniques? That’s because it is a relatively new field!  Biophysics began as a scientific discipline in the middle of the twentieth century…only sixty years ago.  Visit the online  What is Biophysics brochure and the What is Biophysics pamphlet to gain a broad view of the field.

What is Biophysics Week?

Biophysics Week is an annual event started in 2016 to celebrate and raise awareness of the field.

Are You a Biophysics Trivia Expert?

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Biophysics 101: Mechanobiology

Mechanobiology is an emerging field of biophysical research that focuses on understanding the mechanical basis of cell function. It includes studying the force-induced and tensional changes that occur within cells and between cells and their environment, and the mechanotransduction of cellular signals that lead to cell motility and induce changes during differentiation. The speakers in this session will discuss the mechanobiology of single molecules, migrating cells, and sheets of cells during embryogenesis, and the methods that they use in their studies.

Session Moderator: Sharyn Endow, Duke University

Keir Neuman, National Institutes of Health
Michael Sheetz, National University of Singapore Mechanobiology Institute
Maria Leptin, European Molecular Biology Laboratory

How Do You Define Biophysics?


Is it what you study? How you study it? Or, you just know it when you see it?  To show the world just how amazing and diverse biophysics research is, we are collecting stories—from you!  Make the video alone, or with colleagues and lab mates. Your choice.

Send us your 45 second video explaining your biophysics to a general audience. We also encourage you to share your video via social media on the Society’s pages as well as on yours with the hashtag #mybiophysics.  We will use these videos during Biophysics Week to demonstrate just how amazing biophysics — and biophysicists -- are! 

For inspiration, here are three sample #mybiophysics videos, as well as video of 2016 annual meeting attendees offering their definition of biophysics.


What is the 2018 Featured Image?

Influenza Budding Prints

Jesper Madsen, John M. A. Grime, and Gregory A. Voth
University of Chicago

Snapshots from a molecular simulation of budding where the membrane envelope has a constricted neck. A spherical polymer brush "fuzzball" guides the membrane shape by an attractive interaction; a minimalist method for representing the effects of the protein coat in influenza virus. Inspired by Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.