What is Biophysics?

Is the term Biophysics new to you or confusing?  Perhaps you are unsure exactly what is biophysicists study or which innovative and exciting discoveries have been made using biophysics methods and techniques? That’s because it is a relatively new field!  Biophysics began as a scientific discipline in the middle of the twentieth century…only sixty years ago!  To help demystify the subject and build your understanding about this important and ever growing scientific field,  visit the online  What is Biophysics brochure and the What is Biophysics pamphlet.

What is Biophysics Week?

Biophysics Week is an annual event started in 2016 to celebrate and raise awareness of the field.  Attendees at the 2016 annual meeting discuss the inaugural week's events and why they are looking forward to Biophysics Week in this short video.