Margaret Oakley Dayhoff Award

2013 Margaret Oakley Dayhoff Awardees:

Jennifer Ross
University of Massachusetts, Amherst


Katherine Henzler-Wildman
Washington University, St. Louis



Past Awardees:
2012: Lucy R. Forrest
2011: Diane Lidke
2010: Crina Nimigean and Maria Spies
2009: Teresa Giraldez, Adrienne L. Fairhall, and Jin Zhang
2008: Judith Klein-Seetharaman
2007: Kalina Hristova
2006: Anne Hinderliter
2005: Sarah Keller
2004: Dorothee Kern
2003: Hao Wu
2002: Gina MacDonald
2001: Millie M. Georgiadis and Ka Yee Christina Lee
2000: Millie M. Georgiadis and Ka Yee Christina Lee
1999: Lydia Gregoret
1998/99: Judith R. Mourant
1997/98: Bonnie Anne Berger
1996/97: Susan Marqusee
1995/96: Lynne Regan
1994/95: Hillary C. M. Nelson
1993/94: Jean S. Baum
1992/93: Carol Vandenberg
1991/92: Hazel M. Holden and Francine R. Smith
1990/91: Jeanne Rudzki Small
1989/90: Anne Walter
1988/89: Nancy L. Thompson
1987/88: Rachel Klevit
1986/87: Barbara E. Ehrlich
1985/86: Barbara A. Lewis
1984/85: Dagmar Ringe and Bonnie Ann Wallace

Established in 1984.

Deadline for nominations: May 1 of each year.
This award honors the memory of Dr. Margaret Dayhoff, former President of the Biophysical Society, Professor of Biophysics at Georgetown University, and Director of Research at the National Biomedical Research Foundation. Presented each year at the Annual Meeting of the Biophysical Society, the award includes an honorarium of $2,000.

The Margaret Oakley Dayhoff Award is given to a woman who holds very high promise or has achieved prominence while developing the early stages of a career in biophysical research within the purview and interest of the Biophysical Society. Achievement means that the candidate has already published substantial contributions to science; promise means that the candidate shows indications of leadership in ideas, organization, or other ways manifest for her colleagues within the scientific community. A candidate who has already received university tenure by the due date on nomination is not eligible. A candidate having a PhD or equivalent degree shall be eligible until she has completed 10 years of full-time work following the degree. A candidate with a Baccalaureate degree but without a PhD shall have 12 years of eligibility. Time taken off for child-rearing will not be counted in this total. Part-time work and other special circumstances will be evaluated at the discretion of the Committee. Candidates who work in non-academic environments are eligible if their work is published, meets academic standards, and they do not have tenure equivalency.


  • Nominee must be a woman who holds very high promise or has achieved prominence while developing the early stages of a career in biophysical research.
  • Nominee must be a member of the Society in good standing.
  • Nominator must submit completed Nomination Form and required documents.

Nomination packets must include the following:

  1. Completed Award Nomination Form
  2. The most important item is a nominator’s letter with a personal recommendation. The letter should be no more than 4 pages, in a style similar to that supporting a promotion, and should comment as specifically as possible on:

    *  Overall scientific program and publications of the nominee with an evaluation of her specific contributions
    *  Contributions of the nominee, especially those not apparent in her publications
    *  Characteristics of the nominee indicating leadership and potential

  3. Two supporting letters
  4. Nominee’s curriculum vitae, including honors previously received
  5. A publications list: Please attach a set of 3 papers that illustrate the merits of the nominee's contributions to science.
  6. Include any personal hardship or other obstacle that has prevented the nominee from advancing at a normal rate including, but not limited to, family responsibilities or severely disadvantaged background. Please include your estimate of the number of years of extension appropriate to the circumstances. The judging standards will be the same for all nominees but the eligibility period may be extended with the agreement of the committee.

Fill out nomination form and submit required materials in PDF format here.