Fellow of the Biophysical Society Award

Established in 1999, suspended for the 2013 awards cycle, reinstated for 2014 awards cycle.

2018 Fellows of the Biophysical Society:
Patricia Bassereau,
Institut Curie Research Centre, France

James Bowie,
University of California, Los Angeles

Astrid Graslund,
Stockholm University, Sweden

Roderick Mackinnon,
Rockefeller University

Sheena Radford,
University of Leeds, United Kingdom

H. Lee Sweeney,
University of Florida 
Sriram Subramaniam,
National Cancer Institute, NIH

Harel Weinstein,
Weill Cornell Medical College 

Deadline for nominations: May 1 of each year.

This award honors the Society's distinguished members who have demonstrated sustained scientific excellence. 


  • Nominee must demonstrate sustained scientific excellence.
    Nominee must be a member of the Society in good standing.
    Nominator must submit completed Nomination Form and required documents

Nominations packets must include the following:

1.  Three supporting letters from Society members, including a letter by the nominator, but absolutely no more than three in total.  Each letter should have the signature of one person only.  In any year, no individual may write more than a total of two letters nominating or supporting Biophysical Society Fellows.  The nominator should instruct writers of support letters that they cannot support more than two nominations and check with the supporters that this rule has been honored before submitting the nomination packet to the Society. 
2.  A copy of the nominee's CV/biosketch, not to exceed four pages
3.  A list of the 10 most important papers the nominee has published
4.  A 300-word maximum paragraph summarizing the nominee's overall contributions and impact
5.  A one-sentence citation that could be used in award announcement

Fill out nomination form and submit required materials in PDF format here. 

Past Awardees:

2016: Mario L. Amzel, Charles L. Brooks, Walter J. Chazin, Jane Clarke,
Angel E. Garcia, Antoinette Killian, Matthias Rief, Nancy L. Thompson, Eduardo Perozo

2015: Joseph J. Falke, Susan Marqusee, Sarah Hammes- Schiffer,
George Phillips, Timothy Lohman, James Sellers

2014: Barbara Baird, Michael Brown, Lila Gierasch, Karolin Luger,
Benoit Roux, Michael Sheetz, Devarajan Thirumalai, David Warshaw 
2012: Toshio Yanagida, Klaus Schulten, Carlos Bustamante,
Frances Separovic, Tamar Schlick, José Onuchic, Gregory Voth 

2011: Valerie Daggett, Donald M. Engelman, Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz,
Erwin Neher, Ruth Nussinov, Lynne J. Regan, Anthony Watts
2010: Steven M. Block, David S. Cafiso, G. Marius Clore, Michael A. Edidin,
Shelagh Ferguson-Miller, Andrew Joshua Wand

2009: Donald M. Bers, Betty J. Gaffney, Robert L. Jernigan, Mark T. Nelson, Diane M. Papazian
2008Timothy A. Cross, Eve E. Marder, Ivan Rayment, Stephen G. Sligar, Attila Szabo
2007: Steven Boxer, Maurizio Brunori, William Cramer, Elliot L. Elson, George P. Hess
2006: Michael Bárány, Yale Goldman, Martin Gruebele, M. Thomas Record, J. Walter Woodbury, Xialing Sunney Xie
2005: Sunney I. Chan, Edward H. Egelman, Jeffrey Skolnick, David D. Thomas, Ernest M. Wright
2004: David L. Beveridge, Ronald N. McElhaney, Mauricio Montal, Brian D. Sykes
2003: Mordecai P. Blaustein, David R. Davies, Richard M. Epand, John Gergely, Rufus Lumry, James H. Prestegard, Peter G. Wolynes
2002: David DeRosier, Ken Dill, William A. Eaton, Joachim Frank, Hans Frauenfelder, Robert Gennis, Wayne Hendrickson, Terrell L. Hill, Joseph Hoffman, H. Ronald Kaback, Irwin Kuntz, Jon Lederer, John L. Markley, John Schellman, Ignacio Tinoco, Peter H. von Hippel, Stephen White, Clare Woodward, Bruno Zimm
2001: Helen Berman, Ludwig Brand, George Feher, Manuel Morales, Wilma Olson, Arieh Warshel
2000: Gary K. Ackers, Richard W. Aldrich, Clay M. Armstrong, Daniel Axelrod, Robert L. Baldwin, Francisco Bezanilla, Rodney L. Biltonen, Kevin P. Campbell, Charles R. Cantor, Donald L. D. Caspar, Carolyn Cohen, Donald M. Crothers, David Eisenberg, S. Walter Englander, Bertil Hille, Barry Honig, Wayne Hubbell, Hugh E. Huxley, William P. Jencks, Jack H. Kaplan, Peter S. Kim, Susan Lowey, J. Andrew McCammon, Harden M. McConnell, Gerard Meissner, Peter B. Moore, V. Adrian Parsegian, Thomas D. Pollard, Frederic M. Richards, Michael G. Rossman, Harold Scheraga, Andrew P. Somlyo, Avril V. Somlyo, Robert M. Stroud, Andrew G. Szent-Gyorgyi, Thomas E. Thompson, Richard W. Tsien, Watt W. Webb, Annemarie Weber