Public Affairs Committee

Committee Members

Ed Egelman, Chair (2015)
Steven M. Block (2014)
Jenna Campbell (2016)
Timothy A. Cross (2015)
Yale E. Goldman (2015)
Kathleen Hall (2015)
Eric Jakobsson (2015)
Vasanthi Jayaraman (2016)

Suhrud Rajguru (2014)
Suzanne Scarlata (2014)
Tara Schwetz (2015)
Taner Z. Sen (2014)
Harel Weinstein (2015)
Ragothaman Yennamalli (2016)
Lukas Tamm, ex officio
Francisco Bezanilla, ex officio

The Public Affairs Committee's responsibilities include (1) ensuring appropriate support of biophysics at the federal funding agencies; (2) supporting biophysics through public outreach and education; (3) developing special initiatives and responses, as appropriate to matters of public policy that impact on biophysics and biophysicists; and (4) advising the president and council on matters of public affairs. The Committee meets monthly by conference call. Recently, the committee has provided input on strategic plans at NSF and NIH, budget and appropriations decisions on Capitol Hill, the NIH Reauthorization Act of 2006, the NIH Roadmap, open access regulations and bills, as well as other areas of interest to the Society. In addition, the Committee takes the lead on the Bridging the Sciences Coalition, an initiative to include federal funds for research at the interface of the physical, mathematical, computational, and life sciences. The committee also plans policy events for the Annual Meeting and sponsors scientists to participate in Hill Days in Washington, DC.

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