Professional Opportunities for Women (CPOW)

Committee Members

Gabriela Popescu, Chair (2018) 
Gunjan Agarwal (2018)
Sarah Bondos (2019)
Sudha Chakrapani (2018)
Julio Cordero (2019)
Evelyne Deplazes (2019)
Carmen Domene (2019)
Marta Filizola (2018)
Dorit Hanein (2018)
Ryan Hoffman (2019)
Constance Jeffery (2018)

Susy Kohout (2018)
Thao Nguyen (2018)
Liliana Quintanar (2018)
Marina Ramirez-Alvarado (2017)
Elizabeth Sacho (2019)
Yuly Sanchez-Mendoza (2019)
Emily Smith (2019)
Liskin Swint-Kruse (2019)
Lipi Thukral (2017)
Pernilla Wittung-Stafshede (2017)
Eleonora Zakharian (2019)

CPOW is charged with promoting science education for girls and women; promoting the advancement and retention of women and minorities in biophysics; fostering development of professional communities among women; raising awareness of the scientific contributions of women in biophysics; recognizing the challenges of balancing career and family; promoting fair and equitable treatment, and improving the climate for women in biophysics in all stages of their careers. Each year, CPOW sponsors Annual Meeting activities and hosts panel discussions on various topics, which are open to all attendees. CPOW also provides a list of resources to support scientists at all stages of their careers.

CPOW Resources