International Relations

Committee Members

 Felix M. Goñi, Chair (2016) Carolyn Moores (2017)
 Antonio Jose Costa-Filho (2016) Xiangyun Qiu (2016)
 Jose Grigera (2016) Khalid Salaita (2016)
 Renzhi Han (2017) Xin-Ming Shen (2016)
 Isabelle Marcotte (2017) Abhinav Verma (2018)
 Daumantas Matulis (2018) 

The International Relations Committee is charged with integrating the international biophysics community into the Society by evaluating the needs of international members and proposing programs that will attract and retain those members; interacting with international biophysical societies; promoting education in biophysics worldwide; encouraging international attendance at the Annual Meeting. 

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Why is membership in the Biophysical Society a good thing even if one does not reside in the US?

I joined the Biophysical Society when I was a postdoc in the US, originally to be able to present my work at the Society's annual meeting. The first meeting I attended was in Baltimore, 1999, and I was impressed by the variety of presentations and the great spirit of the meeting. Most of all, I realized that the society through its meetings is providing a venue for scientists from all over the earth to meet and to establish or renew contacts. After leaving the US and returning to Europe, I maintain membership in the BS as I have considered the BS an international society from the very beginning. That's why I volunteered to be a member of the International Committee of the BS and I am glad to be on this board.

- Michael Forstner