Press Registration

The Biophysical Society welcomes and encourages science journalists to attend the Annual Meeting and report on the research being presented. Please review the Annual Meeting Program to pinpoint presentations that may be of particular interest to your publication.

Press Credentials

To register as a member of the press, please contact the Biophysical Society’s Director of Public Affairs and Communications, Ellen Weiss at or 240-290-5606. The Society waives registration fees for reporters that can document their status as a member of the press corps. This can be done with a recognized press card, proof of membership in a national or international science writers association, or the submission of previously written articles covering an annual meeting. The Society will not waive registration for editors of peer-reviewed journals, ad sales representatives, publishers, program officers, or marketing professionals. Scientists, advertising or marketing professionals, and editors must register through general registration and pay the registration fee.

Institutional Press Officers/Public Information Officers

The Biophysical Society encourages Institutional press officers and public information officers to prepare press releases on research members of their community who are presenting at the Annual Meeting. The Society will distribute these press releases on-site and can also make them available electronically. Please contact Ellen Weiss at for more information.

Embargo Policy

Please note that specific content related to the abstracts and presentations at the Annual Meeting are strictly embargoed until the day of the session.