Conformational Ensembles from Experimental Data and Computer Simulations
August 25-29, 2017
Berlin, Germany


Structural biology increasingly relies on combining information from multiple sources of experimental data with ever-improving computational models. A fundamental component in structural biology is thus to combine information from experiments and simulations in an efficient and correct manner. This is in particular true in the era of integrative structural biology, where heterogeneous and noisy experimental data are often used in conjunction with computational methods to study large and complex biomolecular assemblies and their structural dynamics. Further, as these molecules and complexes are often highly dynamic, special care needs to be taken to interpret correctly the time- and ensemble-averaged experimental data.

This meeting aims to bring together scientists from across disciplines to advance integrative structural biology into the "dynamic age." The program will consist of a mix of computation, theory, and a broad range of methods in experimental structural biology, focusing on methods and applications for studying the structural dynamics of biomolecules by integrating experiments and simulations.

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