Engineering Approaches to Biomolecular Motors: From in vitro to in vivo
June 14 - 17, 2016
Simon Fraser University

Vancouver, Canada

Over the past several decades, scientists and engineers in fields ranging from nanotechnology to cell biology have contributed to our understanding of the basic physical principles and biological functions of energy-consuming macromolecular machines. This meeting will bring together researchers from diverse disciplines who are developing novel ways of measuring and controlling biomolecular motors inside and outside of cells, synthesizing artificial molecular motors inspired by biology, harnessing motors for applications in devices, or developing theories that cut across biological and synthetic systems. Set in beautiful Vancouver, Canada, this meeting seeks to promote promising directions and techniques while catalyzing frontier research on exploiting biological building blocks for novel function in biology and beyond. 

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This is a 2016 Biophysical Society Thematic Meeting. For more information on Thematic Meetings, click here